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Fiber Sensys, Fiber Defender FD208N Alarm Processor

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Fiber Sensys, Inc
Fiber Defender FD208N Alarm Processor
Fiber Optic Fiber Instrusion System


The Fiber Defender series Model FD-208 Alarm
Processing Unit (APU) is an ideal alarm processor for
use in applications that require the intrusion detection
control electronics to be placed in a remote location.
The FD-208 requires insensitive leads to connect to a
deployed sensor cable, leaving only the fiber optic
sensor cable in the detection zone. This allows the
FD-208 system to be deployed successfully in the
presence of EMI/RFI, in corrosive or flammable
environments, and in extreme temperatures where
other sensor systems fail. Airports, oil pipelines, highend
estates, power plants, petro-chemical
facilities, military compounds, and electrical
substations are a few examples of deployment
applications where the FD-208 is ideal.