Bailey INFI 90

ABB Bailey INFI 90 New, Surplus, Refurbished, Reconditioned, Remanufacture, Repair

1948002 Disk Drive ST-4096
1948013A1 Disk Controller
1948517A3 Cable
1948580A1 Cable
1948850A1 DIP Shunt Circuit
1948850A2 DIP Shunt Circuit
6632686-50-1 Cable
6632686A40-1 Cable
6632686A60-1 Cable
6633644A1 OIS Cable
6633645A1 Cable
6634274A1 Termination Unit
6634329A34N12 Cable
6634512A26 Cable
6634688G1 Termination Motherboard
6634838A1 6634837B1 Relay Board Assembly
6635051G1 Power Supply
6635291C1 6635291C1-25 Flamon Sensor Cable
6636444A1 Console Distribution Panel
6636488A1 Cable
6637258A1 Disk Drive
6637460-A30N Cable
6637597A24100 Cable
6637813C1 IEPEP03 Cable
6637814A2 Cable
6637826B1 AC Transfer Module
6.64E+07 AC Transfer Module
6637827B1 AC Transfer Module
6637829D1 Bus Monitor Module
6637830A1 Bus Monitor Module
6.64E+07 Bus Monitoring Module
6637830G1 Bus Monitoring Module
6638238F1 OIS Input Distribution Module
6638514A1 Keyboard
6638553A5 OIS Power Supply
6638553V5 OIS Power Supply
6638716A1 Cable
6639030L2 OIS Keyboard Interface Assembly
6639490A1 IEPEP03 Power Entry Panel – Special Dimensions
6639890A1 Standard Relay Panel
6639890A2 Standard Relay Panel
6640347A1 OIS Card File
6641684A21 with Floppy Operator Keyboard
6641684A21 without Floppy Operator Keyboard
6642016A2 Relay Panel
6642016D2 External Relay Panel Termination Unit
6.64E+07 Backplane Module
6644177A11 Harmony DC Output Assembly
AIN-200 P-HB-AIN-200010000 AIN200 Harmony Analog Input Module, Block I/O
AIN-220 PHBAIN22010000 Analog Input Module – Harmony Block I/O
AIN-300 PHBAIN30010000 Analog Input Block
AOT-150 PHBAOT15010000 AOT 150 Analog Output Module
B-5MPBC IIATB05 MouseTRAK Trackball
BRC-100 P-HC-BRC-10000000 BRC100 Harmony Bridge Controller
BRC300 PHCBRC30000000 BRC300 Bridge Controller
BRC400 PHCBRC40000000 BRC400 Bridge Controller
CMM11 Condition Monitoring Module
CSC01 Loop Command Sequence Controller
CTT02 Handheld Configurator Tuning Terminal
DIO-400 PHBDIO40010000 Digital I/O Module – Harmony Block I/O
DOT100 PHBDOT10010000 DOT-100 Digital Output Block
DOT120 PHBDOT12010000 Digital Output Module
FIO 100 PHBFIO10010000 Fieldbus I/O Module
HPG800 Harmony PCU Gateway Module
IEFAN01 Fan Assembly, 120 VAC Six Fans
IEMMU01 Module Mounting Unit – Rear Mounting
IEMMU02 Module Mounting Unit – Front Mounting
IEMMU04 Module Mounting Unit – 5 Slots
IEMMU11 Module Mounting Unit – Front Mounting
IEMMU12 Module Mounting Unit
IEMMU21 Module Mounting Unit
IEMMU22 Module Mounting Unit – Front Mounted
IEPAF01 AC Field Power Supply Module
IEPAF02 AC Field Power Supply
IEPAS01 AC System Power Supply
IEPAS02 AC System Power Supply
IEPDP01 Power Distribution Panel
IEPDS01 System Power Module
IEPDS02 System Power Module – 48VDC
IEPEP03 Power Entry Panel
IEPMU01 Power Mounting Unit, Rear Mount
IIADP01 Annunciator Display Panel
IIADP02 Annunciator Display Panel
IIEDI01 Interface Module
IIMCL01 Multibus Communication Link Termination
IIMCP01 Multibus Communications Processor
IIMCP02 Multibus Communication Module, SCSI
IIMGC01 Multibus Graphics Controller Module
IIMGC02 Multibus Graphics Controller Module
IIMGC03 Multibus Graphics Controller Module
IIMGC04 Multibus Graphics Controller Module
IIMKM01 Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMKM01A Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMKM02 Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMKM02A Multibus Keyboard Module
IIMLM01 Multibus Loop Module
IIMPM01 Multibus Processor Module
IIMPM02 Console Module
IIMRM02 Multibus Reset Module
IIMSM01 Multibus Serial I/O Module
IISAC01 Analog Control Station
IMAMM03 Analog Master Module
IMAOM01 Analog Output Module
IMASI02 Analog Input Module
IMASI03 Analog Input Slave Module
IMASI13 Analog Input Module
IMASI23 Analog Input Module
IMASM01 Analog Input Slave Module
IMASM02 Analog Input Slave Module
IMASM03 Analog Slave Module
IMASM04 Analog Input Module
IMASO01 Analog Output Slave Module
IMASO11 Analog Output Slave Module
IMBLK01 Blank Module Assembly
IMCIS02 IMCIS02R Control I/O Slave Module
IMCIS12 Control I/O Slave Module
IMCIS22 Control I/O Slave Module
IMCKN01 Clock Network Module
IMCOM03 Enhanced Controller Module
IMCOM04 Advanced Controller Module
IMCPM01 Configuration Port Module
IMCPM02 Communication Port Module
IMDER01 Single Drive Slave Module
IMDSI02 Digital Input Slave
IMDSI12 Universal Digital Input Slave Module
IMDSI13 Digital Input Slave Module
IMDSI14 48 VDC Digital Input Module
IMDSI15 Digital Input Module
IMDSI22 Digital Input Module
IMDSM04 Pulse Input Slave Module
IMDSM05 Digital I/O Module
IMDSO01 Digital Slave Output Module
IMDSO02 Digital Output Module
IMDSO03 Digital Output Module
IMDSO04 Digital Output Slave
IMDSO14 Digital Output Slave
IMDSO15 Digital Output Module
IMFAI01 Isolated Analog Input Module
IMFAI02 Analog Input Module
IMFBS01 Field Bus Slave
IMFCS01 Frequency Counter Slave Module
IMFEC11 Field Equipment Communication (Analog Input)
IMFEC12 Analog Input Module
IMHSS02 Hydraulic Servo Module
IMLMM02 Logic Master Module
IMMFC03 Enhanced Multi-Function Controller
IMMFC04 Multifunction Controller
IMMFC05 Multifunction Controller
IMMFP01 Multi-Function Processor
IMMFP02 Multi-Function Processor
IMMFP03 Multifunction Processor Module
IMMFP03B Multifunction Processor – 8 MB
IMMFP11 Multifunction Processor Module
IMMFP12 IMMFP12R Multifunction Processor Module
IMMPI01 Multi-Function Processor Interface
IMMPI02 Multi-Function Processor Interface
IMPCC01 IMPCC01 Programmable Controller Coupler
IMQRS02 Quick Response Module
IMQRS12 Quick Response Module
IMQRS22 Quick Response I/O Module
IMRIO02 Remote I/O Slave Module
IMSED01 Sequence of Events Digital Inputs Module
IMSER02 Sequence of Events Recorder
IMSET01 Sequence of Event Time Keeper Module
IMSPM01 Serial Port Module
INBIM02 Bus Interface Module
INBTM01 Bus Transfer Module
INDDM01 6640930A1 Disk Drive Module
INICT01 INFI-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT03 Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT03A Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT12 Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INICT13A Infi-Net to Computer Transfer Module
INIIT01 Infinet to Infinet Transfer Module
INIIT02 Infi-Net to Infi-Net Remote Transfer Module
INIIT03 Infinet to Infinet Transfer Module
INIIT12 Infi-Net to Infi-Net Transfer Module
INIPT01 Infi-Net to Plant Loop Local Transfer Module
INIPT02 Plant Loop Remote Transfer Module
INLIM02 Loop Interface Module
INLIM03 Loop Interface Module
INNIS01 Network Interface Slave Module
INNIS11 Network Interface Slave Module
INNIS21 Network Interface Slave Module
INNPM01 Network Processor Module
INNPM11 Network Processor Module
INNPM12 Network Processor Module
INNPM22 Network Processor Module
INNTP01 Plant Loop to Computer Transfer Module
INPBS01 Parallel Bus Slave Module
INPCI01 Plant Loop to Computer Interface
INPCI02 Plant Loop to Computer Interface
INPCT01 Plant Loop to Computer Transfer Module
INPPT01 Plant Loop to Computer Transfer
INPTM01 Point Table Module
INSCS01 Plant Loop to Computer Transfer
INSEM01 Sequence of Events Master
INSOE01 Sequence of Event Server
INSPM01 Serial Interface Module
INTKM01 Time Keeper Master Module
IPBLC01 Harmony Power Module
IPBLK01 Power System Blank Face Plate
IPCHS01 MPS II Power Module Chasis
IPCHS02 MPS II Power Chassis
IPECB11 Power Entry Circuit Breaker
IPECB13 Power Entry Circuit Breaker
IPFAN11 Fan Assembly
IPFAN14 Power System Fan
IPFCH01 Power Fan Chassis
IPFLD01 Field Power Module – 24 VDC
IPFLD125 Field Power Module – 125 VDC
IPFLD24 Field Power Module – 24 Vdc
IPFLD48 Field Power Module – 48 VDC
IPMON01 Power Montior Module
IPSYS01 System Power Module
ITCTU03 ITCTU03 Termination Unit
ITCTU04 ITCTU04 Termination Unit
ITCTU11 ITCTU11 Termination Unit
LPS01 LVDT Position Module – ETSI
NDLS02 Logic Module Digital Station MA
NFTP01 Field Termination Panel
NHSS01 Hydraulic Servo Module
NIAI01 Analog Input Termination Module, High Level
NIAI02 Analog Input Termination Module
NIAI04 Analog Input Termination Module
NIAI05 Analog Input Termination Module – High Density
NIAM01 Analog Master Termination
NIAM02 Analog Master Termination
NIAO01 Analog Output Termination Module
NICL01 Communication Link Termination
NICS01 Control I/O Termination Module
NIDI01 Digital I/O Termination Module
NIMF01 Multi-Function Controller Termination Module
NIMF02 Multi-Function Controller Termination Module
NIMP01 Multi-Function Processor Termination Module
NIRL01 Remote Link Termination Module
NIRL03 Remote Link Termination Module
NKAS01-10 Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-8 Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS01-9 Analog Module Termination Cable
NKAS11-12 Analog Slave Termination Unit Cable – 12 foot
NKAS11-15 Analog Slave Termination Unit Cable – 15 foot
NKDO01-2 Digital Output Cable
NKDO01-5 Digital Output Cable
NKLS01-10 Communications Cable
NKLS01-5 Loop Interface Cable
NKLS02-10 Infi-Net Interface Cable – 10 feet
NKLS11-10 Infi-net Interface Cable -10 feet
NKLS11-11 Infi-net Interface Cable – 11 feet
NKLS11-12 Infi-net Interface Cable – 12 feet
NKLS11-3 Infi-net Interface Cable -3 feet
NKLS11-5 Infi-net Interface Cable -5 feet
NKLS11-8 Infi-net Interface Cable -8 feet
NKMF02-02 MFC Redundancy Cable
NKMP01-2 MFP Redundancy Cable
NKMP01-4 MFP Multi-Function Processor Cable
NKMP01-6 MFP Redundancy Cable
NKMP03-1 MFP Redundancy Cable
NKMP11-2 MFP Redundancy Cable
NKMP11-3 Redundancy Cable – 3 Ft
NKMP11-4 Redundancy Cable – 4 Ft
NKMP11-5 MFP Redundancy Cable – 5 foot
NKSB01-1 Ribbon Cable
NKSB01-2 Ribbon Cable
NKSB01-3 Ribbon Cable
NKSE01-2 IISAC Serial Communication
NKTL01-3 Coax Termination Cable
NKTM01-10 I/O Module to Termination Module Ribbon Cable
NKTM02-5 Expansion Cable for High Density TU
NKTT01-3 Infi-Net Termination Cable
NKTU01-10 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-11 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-12 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-13 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-14 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-15 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-16 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-18 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-20 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-3 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-4 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-5 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-6 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-7 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-8 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU01-9 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU02-10 I/O Module to Termination Module Cable
NKTU02-9 I/O Module to Termination Module Cable
NKTU11-10 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-11 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-12 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-13 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-15 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-16 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-17 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-20 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-24 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NKTU11-8 I/O Module to Termination Unit Cable
NMFC04 Multifunction Controller – NET 90
NMPC01 PC90 Processor Module
NMRT01 Manual Redundancy Transfer Switch
NPSI02 Module Power Supply
NRAI01 Input Termination Unit – Rail Mounted
NRDI01 Input Termination Unit – Rail Mounted
NRDO02 Output Termination Unit – Rail Mounted
NRIO02 NRIO02 Remote I/O
NTAI01 6632115A1 Analog Input Termination Unit
NTAI02 Analog Input Termination Unit
NTAI03 Analog Input Termination Unit
NTAI05 Analog Input Termination Unit
NTAI06 Analog Input Termination Unit
NTAM01 Analog Master Termination Unit
NTCF01 Termination Unit – Optic to Optic
NTCF02 Termination Unit – Optic to Electronic
NTCF03 Termination Unit – Electric to Optical
NTCF21 Fiber Optic Termination Unit
NTCF22 Fiber Optic Communication Termination Unit
NTCF23 Fiber Optic Communication Termination Unit
NTCL01 Communication Link Termination Unit
NTCS01 Control I/O Termination Unit
NTCS02 Control I/O Termination Unit
NTCS04 Control I/O Termination Unit
NTDI01 Digital I/O Termination Unit
NTDI02 Digital I/O Termination Unit
NTDO01 Digital Output Termination Unit
NTDO02 Digtal Output Termination Unit
NTFB01 Fieldbus Module Termination Unit
NTLS01 Logic Station Termination Unit
NTMF01 Multi-Function Controller Termination Unit
NTMP01 Multi-Function Processor Termination Unit
NTMU01 Termination Mounting Unit
NTMU02 Termination Unit Mounting Unit
NTPL01 Plant Loop Termination Unit
NTRL02A Fiber Optic Remote I/O Termination Unit
NTRL02B Fiber Option Remote I/O Termination Unit
NTSE01 Termination Unit
NTSM01 Server Module Termination Unit
NTST01 Time Synch Termination Unit
NTU-716 Digital Input Termination
NTU-7C6/MO Termination Unit
NTU-7C9 NTU7C9 Termination Unit
NTU-7Q2E Relay Termination Unit
P-HA-MCL-110000000 I/O Mounting Column
P-HA-MCL-210000000 I/O Mounting Column
PHAREPRFO10000 Fiber Optic Repeater
PHARPS00010000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS00200000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS02010000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS02200000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS03000000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS11000000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS11010000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS11100000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS21000000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS21010000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS21200000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS32000000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS32010000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS32200000 Power Supply Module
PHARPS40000000 Power Supply Module
PHARPSCH100000 MPS III Power Supply Chasis
PHARPSFAN03000 MPS III Fan, System Monitoring and Cooling
PHARPSPEP11013 6644463A2 Power Entry Panel Single Chassis
PHBAIN1200S100 Analog Input Base – Harmony Block I/O
PHBAIN12010000 AIN-120 AIN-120 Analog Input Block
PHBAIN2200S100 AIN-220 Analog Input Base – Harmony Block I/O
PHBAOT1500S100 AOT 150 Analog Output Mounting Base
PHBBLK10000100 Blank Block Mounting Base – Harmony I/O
PHBBLK10010000 BLK100 Blank Block Module – Harmony I/O
PHBDIO4000R100 Digital I/O Mounting Base – Harmony Block I/O
PHBDOT1000S100 DOT-100 Digital Output Mounting Base
PHBRMU1000N100 Repeater Mounting Base for Hnet Communication
PHBRMU10010000 RMU-100 RMU-100 Repeater Mounting Unit -Harmony Block I/O
PHCBRCPBA10000 PBA100 PBA 100 Processor Bus Adapter for Hnet Connection
PHCBRCPBA20000 PBA200 PBA200 Process Bus Adaptor
PHKRMPBA2000A PBA Redundancy Cable
PMKHRMBRC3000A BRC300/BRC400 Redundancy Cable
PMKHRMMCL10 System Cable 20″
PMKHRMPBA10001 Processor Bus Adaptor (PBA) Cable
PMKHRMPBA2000A Bus Redundancy Cable
PMKHRMRLY12S01 Auxilliary Relay Block to DIO Cable
RLY-100 PHBRLY10000000 Auxiliary Relay Module – Harmony Block I/O
STC2AE Cartridge
STC2BE Cartridge
STT02E Hand Held Smart Transmitter Terminal
TAS01 Turbine Auto Sync Module
TPM01 Thrust Position Module
TPS02 Turbine Protection Slave Module