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Genuine Guascor Parts and Spares

We offer genuine Guascor parts and spares.

Guascor parts

1977330 recondition kit
1977320 recondition kit
1975B80 recondition kit
1977450 recondition kit
1977660 recondition kit
1975B90 head gasket set
1975600 head gasket set
1975040 head gasket set
7664356 spark plug
7664604 spark plug
7664292 biogas spark plug
7664117 MAP sensor
7689099 turbo charger
7689061 turbo charger
7689071 turbo charger
7689040 turbo charger
1910550 cylinder liner
1910310 cylinder liner
1915560 SFGM / HGMI piston
1915210 SFGLD560 piston
1915300 SFGLD piston
1915120 FGLD piston
7664317 CPU-95 ignition system
7656044 explosion releif valve
1915100 piston ring set
1915280 piston ring set
1610082 cylinder head gasket
1610494 cylinder head gasket
1910273 cylinder head gasket
1616840 con rod bearing
7601017 thermometer
7689330 turbo repair kit
7689360 turbo repair kit
1910930 cylinder head
7601268 knock sensor
1940067 exhaust gasket
7216492 valave cover gasket
7650298 air filter
7650262 oil filter
1977250 crankshaft
OEM Prices
Parts Manuals
AltronicCPU-95 ignition system
Spark plug leads
Ignition coils
DISN800 ignition module
Champion spark plugsRB 75 N spark plug
RB 77 WPCC spark plug
RB 75 WPCC spark plug
RN 79 G spark plug
RB 76 N spark plug
KB 77 WPCC spark plug
RTM 77 N spark plug
RHM 78 PP spark plug
Bosch spark plugs
Denso spark plugsGI3-5 spark plug
GE3-5 spark plug
Reich couplings
Air coolers
Woodward produtsFlo-Tech
TecJet 50 Plus
TecJet 52
ProAct ISC
ProAct I and II
ProAct ITB
CablesGuascor cables
TutorialsPart number change
Piston-liner guide
FGLD180 gasket set
SFGLD560 overhaul
Reconditioning process
Waukesha overhaul
Cylinder head recondition kits
Used partsUsed engines
Used CAT 3516
Azcue pump
Guascor enginesHGM series
SFGLD series
SFGM series
FGLD series
FG series
SFGRD series
Diesel engines
Marine engines
Jenbacher436782 spark plug
347257 spark plug
314322 spark plug
351000 spark plug
Jenbacher cables
Jenbacher Parts


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Goetze Piston Rings