About Us

We started of supplying plant controls way back in 1990. We branched out into providing repairing solutions when these controls became obsolete.

Our team are made up of engineers and technicians who have worked in various power plants and oil facilities.

We have various freelancers and independent consultants who are working with us on project basis.

We believe in having a strong network and contacts with various partners in this field.

We focus very much in providing solutions to plant owners who have problems with their old control equipment. We work hand in hand with the them to find out alternative solutions that are available.

Control system migration is emerging as a top issue among ma(DCS & PLC) parts, through our spare part program / repair services, thus extending the life cycle of your control system. We also provide new

There are challenges to the demands of industrial automation / controls by many companies. Among these are migration issues. Some are issues relating to parts and spares. We are able to provide these obsolete / legacy DCS / PLC parts. Whether supply, repair or remanufactured / refurbished parts.

Control Repairs also offer other instrumentation products such as transmitters, valve positioners and controllers, transducers, pneumatic transmitters, magnetic flow systems valves and LVDTs.

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