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Certis Cisco DVR

iSentinel DVR EVR-2004-01T2 Series

iSentinel Plus EVR-4000-04T2 Series

Vigilance X DVR EVR-8000-08T2 Series

DVR are the most effective way to record videos and images. They are rugged and able to withstand high temperatures. However their video / graphic chips are much less reliable.

We provide repair or replacement services for the DVR. This includes 3G and WIFI modules if any.

2 thoughts on “Certis Cisco DVR

  1. Hello,

    I am William from NUSS, we have 2 sets of iSentinel Plus EVR-4016-04 located at Suntec City Guild House, previously I can remote view from Kent Ridge Guild House, due to my computer hard dish damage, and have replace the hard dish recently, and all my software for the iSentinel Plus EVR-4016 have lost, can send me the software to my, so I can re-load and view the CCTV camera again.

    Thanks & best regards,

    William Teo
    Facilities & Project Executive

    1. Hi William,

      We will reply you through email.

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