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Rolls Royce, Rolls Cooper En-Tronic Controls FT100 / FT110

Replacing the FT100 and FT110 systems with a modern Allen Bradley PLC can be a headache.

Both of these are now obsolete and manufacture of new hardware was discontinued many years ago but there are some companies who can still supply spares from old stock.

One option will be to retrofit turbine controls system Rolls Royce, Rolls Cooper En-Tronic Controls FT100 / FT110 systems, with modern PLCs.

Frequently Asked Questions: How can I communicate with the I/O? I have an Arcnet gateway, but can I write to inputs and read from outputs without wiring up the actual I/O’s?
For testing purposes it is possible to force all I/O points on FT110 systems but only digital I/O on FT100 systems. The value of any I/O point can be monitored on both systems.

There should be a set of manuals available online, both hard copy and electronic versions for references.

We have worked with Petronas, ExxonMobil, PTT (Malaysia, Thailand Oil and Gas companies).